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Colodny Fass represents clients in a broad range of corporate transactions and contracts, including the formation, structuring, mergers and acquisitions,...
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Commercial Litigation

When facing high-risk, complex litigation and commercial disputes, Florida businesses have turned to the commercial litigation lawyers at Colodny Fass...
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Government Relations

Even in the heat of battle, effective strategy in Florida governmental relations requires skillful consideration of political, legal and regulatory...
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Administrative Law/Insurance Regulation

For over four decades, Colodny Fass has represented national and international corporations in complex administrative, compliance and regulatory matters in...
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Estate Planning and Business Succession

The attorneys at Colodny Fass’ Estate Planning and Business Succession Division advise clients on matters involving business regulation, taxation, structuring...
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Employment Law

For over 40 years, Colodny Fass has successfully represented clients in the prevention and defense of employment-related litigation and class...
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We honor our relationships. It’s our business.

It’s what we do. From Capitol to the Courthouse ™

For over 40 years, Colodny Fass clients have trusted our legal experience and bipartisan relationships spanning all levels of Florida law and government. And for most of those 40 years, we’ve made Broward County our home.

With our award-winning corporate, litigation, lobbying and regulatory divisions, Colodny Fass annually ranks as one of Florida’s top law and lobbying firms, representing all types of business needs for both public and private entities. We’ve handled complex, high-risk legal, legislative and administrative matters for all types of industries, including finance, banking, insurance, real estate, tourism, education, workforce, health and public safety, to name a few.

Business Lawyers and Government Consultants

Colodny Fass strives every day to serve our valued clients with integrity, passion, leadership and
superior performance “From the Capitol to the Courthouse.”™  With a 40-year tradition of responsible and effective representation, our Firm works with clients throughout Florida and nationwide.  Momentum, enthusiasm and a passion for law, government and community fuels the energy, creativity and commitment uniquely characterizing our Firm and its people throughout our Fort Lauderdale and
Tallahassee offices.  For Colodny Fass, experience and credibility is the cornerstone of effective advocacy.  Creating shared strategies and objectives between the Firm and our clients promotes
a unique synergy enabling us to prepare, as well as react immediately to changing and sometimes volatile legal, regulatory and governmental circumstances.  Colodny Fass has represented the interests of literally hundreds of corporate clients—both public and private.  We have the deep bench you need to effectively handle all types of complex regulatory, transactional, litigation and lobbying matters.

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Broward County Government Commissioners Re-Elect Dale Holness and Commissioner Nan Rich sponsor #HumanRights Act at this week's #Broward County Commission meeting. The Broward County Human Rights Act secures all individuals within Broward County freedom from #discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, #political affiliation, familial status, #disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or gender identity or expression, in connection with #employment, public accommodations, and #realestate transactions, and promotes the interests, rights, and privileges of individuals within #BrowardCounty. Read more below . . .

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National security touches all of us much more than we know. Colodny Fass Law recently learned that our own #paralegal Pat Kelleher McNab's son, Robert, was on his way home from a year-long U.S. Army deployment in #SouthKorea. A 20-year veteran Sargeant, Robert recently returned to his family in #FortHood, #Texas and joined his Mom to talk a bit with us:

Robert, are you retiring from the military? Has this been your only job? What’s next now that you’re home?

“Yes, I am going to retire from the Army in the next few years. I currently plan on doing 22 years and then pursuing a job in Human Resources. I am actively pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree from Ashford University and, of course, my major is #HumanResources #Management!

“The Army is all that I know. I have been on active duty my whole adult life. I have been deployed in support of Operation #IraqiFreedom and Operation #EnduringFreedom in 2003. I have also been deployed to #Kuwait four times and South Korea twice. The only other job that I have had was working at a Baskin-Robbins in high school.

“Now that I have returned from South Korea I am in-processing my next unit here at Fort Hood. I will continue to do my job as a Patriot Launcher Supervisor and likely be placed in a Platoon Sergeant role, where I will be in charge of 30 other soldiers and eight #Patriot Launching Stations.”

Pat, what’s it like to have a son 1) in the Army and
2) stationed in a dangerous place like South Korea?

“Sometimes I get nervous when he is deployed to certain regions overseas, but I just have to remember it’s his job and he is good at it. After all, he could just as easily be killed in a car accident.”

Robert, how do you think being in the military has changed you? Pat, how about you?

(Robert) “The #Army has changed me into the person I am today. I am a motivated young man with a brilliant future because of the Army.”

(Pat) “I am proud of the man my son has become. There was a time when many colleges were looking to recruit him into their football program. In fact, Robert was the fifth-leading rusher in #BrowardCounty. But during the first part of his senior year, he was severally injured. He was given the choice of giving up #football or never walking again without pain. That’s when his world came crashing down.

“But after graduation Robert came home several months later and announced he was going into the Army—I was elated to say the least—but afraid he would not make it through basic training with his injury. But, of course, he did!”

What do you think our fellow Americans should know about the military?

(Robert) “The #military life style is a different world. Our service members do not have much and struggle to make ends meet. So, be kind, giving, grateful and respectful to these brave men and women.”

Robert, do you have kids? A family?

“I am married to my wonderful wife of 17 years, Mrs. Ursula McNab. We have three beautiful children (Pat’s Grandkids): Zachary (18), Mackenzie (15), and Hannah (14).”

Check out the great pics of Robert's homecoming below . . . !
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