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Broward Business Lawsuit

A Guide to Handling a Business Lawsuit

Three Tips for Broward Businesses Facing Legal Action

Broward Business LawsuitKnowing what to do if your business is the target of a lawsuit can help you avoid legal complications that could damage your case in court. These legal proceedings can be stressful and can cause serious financial repercussions for your business operations. Consulting with a qualified Broward business attorney can provide you with the guidance and expert representation needed to deal with lawsuits effectively in and out of the courtroom setting. The experienced attorneys at Colodny Fass can deliver the most effective solutions for your Broward business lawsuit to ensure the most positive outcome possible for your case. Here are three tips for dealing with lawsuits in the business environment.

Don’t Engage Directly

Even if the litigant makes contact with you or your business, it is essential to handle all matters related to the lawsuit through your attorney. Any admissions or comments made during discussions with the plaintiff may be used as evidence against you or your company. By referring all legal communications to Colodny Fass, you can ensure that your business interests are protected throughout the process.

Respond Promptly

Contacting your attorney immediately after receiving notice of a Broward business lawsuit can ensure that your response is filed on time and that you have the chance to make your case in court. Failing to respond to these notices can result in a default judgment against your company in court. The business law experts at Colodny Fass can make sure that all filings and responses are managed on time to protect your legal rights in and out of court.

Consider Alternative Resolutions

In some cases, it may be advisable to opt for an alternative resolution to a legal action against your company. Mediation services are often available and may help you and the plaintiff to reach a mutually agreeable solution. Your Broward business attorney may also be able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement arrangement that can reduce your legal costs and potential liability, allowing your business to remain profitable in the Florida economic environment.

The business law professionals at Colodny Fass offer valuable support in commercial litigation, employment law, government relations and estate planning. These dedicated attorneys can deliver the aggressive and effective representation needed to protect your business interests and to ensure the best outcomes for any legal actions against your company. If your Broward business is currently facing a lawsuit, contact us today at 954-492-4010. We look forward to the chance to represent your interests.